Suggested Gynecology Practices : 

Dear Patients:

To transfer your medical records, please see the instructions in the letter on the next page of this website. The South Nassau Medical Group of South Nassau Communities Hospital will transfer records at no cost to you with the appropriate  signed release. Please explore the suggested practices for the next gynecologist. 
I cannot make a specific recommendation as everyone's needs are different.

During my retirement I will be continuing volunteer work with PULSE Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy. See www.pulsecenterforpatientsafety.org for more information. Some of you may want to make a donation to PULSE because you know how important it is for patients and families to help prevent medical errors, which are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. My email address will remain  dr.farrington@icloud.com

After 30 years there is no easy way to say goodbye. The decision to retire was difficult and will affect many people I care about, and have cared for, during the last three decades. It has been a gift and a privilege to share in your lives and I wish you and your families all the best that life has to offer- most importantly, health and love.

Warm Regards,
Leslie Farrington


​*****Please Note*****

I cannot choose the "best" practice due to the variety of reports I have heard from patients and friends. So please don't ask me to give advice on this issue. I would only suggest that you go to the Doctor or Nurse Practitioner with whom  you feel a genuine connection on a personal level. Effective communication promotes optimal care and the informed and involved patient experiences better outcomes. 

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Please See Letters Below and on Next Page
Drs. Robert Dean and Christina Ramirez
in Levittown 516 227 3333

Dr. Helen Greco and Colleagues
in Manhasset 516 390 9242

Women for Women Ob/Gyn
in New Hyde Park 516 437 4300

Dr. David Halio  516 678 3595
in Oceanside near Baldwin 

Candice Tedeschi, NP
in Great Neck 516 482 4343

Dr. Stephanie Buck-Haskin
in Rego Park 718 285 6806
and in Great Neck 516 482 6100

Dr. Carmen Rodriguez
in Manhasset 516 365 2100